Performed in various events in Japan, Party, the stage, cabaret etc in various places.
Past my job : The biggest female only event GOLD FINGER in Japan, Other performances in other Tokyo parties,  Strip Theater belongs to.
Appear in a act and a dance at Asakusa Little Theater.
Original work by Shuji Terayama, played at theater company APB in a act and dance.
For the second consecutive appearance at the city’s event held in Aomori Japan Prefecture. Radio, also appeared in the newspaper.



【Party and Event 】

Shanghai-themed event “SHANGHAI ROUGE VOL.4” performance


British fetish event “Torture Garden Japan The15th” performance


Fetish event “Nuit Demonia”  in Paris France performance 

Fetish Party by Tokyo Kink Society THE GATE! performance 

Appear in many other events.


【PV・Movie 】

「Crazy a Go Go」by Mitsuhiro Oikawa from Japan, PV appearance
Director: Sono Shion “Strange Circus” Extra Starring
Director : Hitoshi Matsumoto “R100” extra starring
Japanese Singer : Hyui Ishizaki ” I’m here!!! ” PV appearance

OTTOKRAFTmusic from FranceLIMITOR 666」PV appearance

Movie「THE OUTSIDER」Performed as a stripper



Delivered from Netflix.
Director: Martin Peter Sanfrito (Denmark), Starring: Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, Kippei Shina


【Model etc】

Many personal photographer models

Designer : Yoshiki Hishinuma・Photographer : Nobuyoshi Araki Photo album「百花百蝶」(Hundred flowers Hundred Butterfly) Model百花百蝶-Kodansha-Bilingual-Comics-菱沼/dp/4770026854

Photographer : Miwa Tosaki ( JP )  Photo album「LOVE VOICE」Model

Photographer : Hiroshi Honma ( JP )  Model

Japanese Tatto Magazin「BURST」Cover model

Photographer : Michaelkenna ( UK ) Model( A solo exhibition in Japan 2018 )


6. 2018  Moved to Paris France, Transfer base.
6. 2018  Model Agent「Wanted 」in Paris France
10. 2018 ” Home of Burlesque” in Hamburg Germany, Burlesque performance
11. 2018  Paris Burlesque Festival, Burlesque performance  and judge staff
12. 2019  Le Cabaret des filles de joie in Paris, Burlesque performance
2. 2019  Nasty Boys  Burlesque Night in Italy Travizo, Burlesque performance
3. 2019  Japanese festival in Normandie France, Japanese Kimono tradition performance
4.2019  Paris’s long-established restaurant ” La Coupole ” Burlesque performance
6,9. 2019  Künstler Bregenz  art museum in Austrian, Japanese Kimono tradition Performance
9.2019   Paris’s long-established restaurant ” La Coupole ” Burlesque performance
10.2019   Stuttgart Burlesque Festival Received the Goddess Award
10. 2019  Villa Muller in Austria Burlesque Paformance
11. 2019  Burlesque Battle in London
11.2019   Organized cabaret event in Shibuya, Tokyo
1. 2020   Cabaret des Filles de Joie in Paris
2. 2020   Nasty Boys  Burlesque Night in Italy Travizo, Burlesque performance
2.2020    Rimini Italy Burlesque performance and teacher
2.2020    La Coupole Paris  Burlesque performance
3.2020    Madame GBG in Sweden Burlesque performance


©2010-2020 Maico Tsubaki
Photographer:Photo Noir / AKINAGA Samito 2006- All rights reserved
         Alain Simeray


Dance : Maico Tsubaki

Camera, Edit : Marc Lins

Music : Emiko Ota -Taiko- KiriSute Gomen -Biwa-

location: VILLA Müller Austria