The temperature gradually declined in Paris, the smell of winter approached as it approached.

I like winter but it is my first time to spend full winter here, so I am a bit scared of real things.
Hello, Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.


今更ですが再度Youtube編集などし、Youtube内でわたしが出演してるものでアップロードされているものをまとめてみました。大分古いのから新しいものまで。全部の動画をアップする事は不可能なので、少しではありますがよかったら覗いてみて下さいね😉 下記Youtube動画の左上をクリックすると、プレイリストが出てきます。

I tried collecting what I appeared in Youtube videos. From old to new. Since it is impossible to upload all the videos, it is a little, but please take a peek.
Click the upper left corner of the Youtube video below to see the playlist.
I can not upload show related movies to Youtube, I hope I can link to this site from a different site.



Take a Youtube video in Hamburg! I was told…but I was busy and forgotten.
Moreover, since I think that it is good to take extra edition at some timing among them, please wait patiently.
( Sorry, My Youtube only Japanese….)


夏が終わって、ほぼ毎晩わたしのベッドで眠る猫。わたしがお世話になってる家で飼ってる猫ですが、可愛いのですが! 時々かなり凶暴でもあり、こちらに来てからのわたしの手は噛み跡と爪痕でボロボロであります。とほほ。

A cat that sleeps in my bed every night after summer is over. It’s cute but sometimes ferocious, my hands are tinged with her bite marks and scratches…..😂


It’s getting cold, but do not catch a cold sick!  See you soon….!

また近々お会いしましょう! A bien tôt!